T-Mobile BlackBerry Z30

I'm a big fan of T-Mobile's CEO, John Legere. He does the kind of shit that I would likely do if I were the CEO of a big company that's in a similar position. I mean, I don't see him doing really ballsy things like eating raw onions, punching muggers in the face or baring it all on youtube, but he knows how to attract attention to himself.

Recently he got the attention of the CrackBerry community by deciding that T-Mobile USA would no longer carry BlackBerry phones in retail stores, instead making the decision to fill the demand via direct shipping. Sad news, but at least BlackBerry 10 phones were still available to T-Mobile customers. Except of course, for the BlackBerry Z30.

As of now, only Verizon offers the BlackBerry Z30 in the USA, but that hasn't stopped BlackBerry fans on other carriers from raising their voices in protest. We recently blogged about a petition to bring the Z30 to AT&T. Now we have T-Mobile customers taking action to start their own petition in hopes of T-Mobile picking up the Z30. Since T-Mo is going the direct shipping route anyway, you'd think it wouldn't be too hard a request to oblige for such a forceful CEO as John Legere, even if Verizon has an exclusive on it. I mean, Legere could just walk into Verizon HQ and say "EFF THAT, it's my exclusive now.". Heck, he'd probably walk out of the building with a box of donuts too, for good measure.

The odds are signing the petition won't actually do anything, but ya know, it can't hurt. And it'll only take a minute. So jump over at the link below and show your support for the T-Mobile customers out there itching to get their thumbs on a Z30. And who knows, maybe @JohnLegere will make it happen.

Sign the Petition to Bring the Z30 to T-Mobile