Fancy some BBM action on your PC? Well with Blurts you can. With your BlackBerry smartphone connected to your PC via Bluetooth you will be able to see who is calling, emailing or sending you a BBM without even having to look at your BlackBerry.

There is a free version of the app - which will obviously have some restrictions. For the full Pro edition you will need to shell out $5.99 which isn't cheap but if you are not meant to use your BlackBerry in your office this could well be a way of doing so without the boss knowing!

Blurts Features:
  • Display caller id alerts
  • Display email alerts 
  • Bluetooth auto connect
  • Battery and signal strength for BlackBerry® is displayed on PC
Upgrade to Blurts Pro for even more features:
  • Display BBMTM messages (Due to BBM restrictions, we cannot support sending BBMTM)
  • Display email alerts for all email accounts
  • Display SMS/Text alert
  • Send SMS/Text from your computer
  • Send SMS/Text larger than 160 characters
  • Answer or ignore call from your computer
  • Place/Dial call from your computer
  • Transfer PC clipboard to BlackBerry® clipboard and vice versa
  • Capture image of BlackBerry® screen
  • And much more...
The app is PC only so us Mac users are currently not going to be using Blurts, but if you do use a PC please ensure you have Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 and Bluetooth hardware. Let us know in the comments if you're a Blurts user and how you like it!

More information/Download Blurts (free) for BlackBerry smartphones