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Storm Approaching

Storm Approaching

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Storm Approaching


This does not look blurry at all on my Storm. I wish I could fix it for you but am unable to change it. It is 380x480 and that is the only size I have it saved as on my computer. Again, it is not blurry on my Storm so I don't know what the problem is exactly. My apologies. I'm not a computer pro....just a regular person.

the count shows that there are 652 ppl as of now that download stuff just cuz it looks cool without reading the comments.

Maybe those who are finding the wallpaper too small or blurry are saving the preview, not using the "Download Wallpaper" button for the full size? Just wondering...

Thanks for trying but still looks blurry for me as well. Nice looking Storm! I did downloaded picture by having it sent to my email, and then from the link as well. No dice when the pic is expanded to take up the full screen. Try again please! I'd like to have this one.


Hi Everybody...When I put this wallpaper up originally it came to my Storm and looks just fine. But last night I emailed this image to myself from here and you are's small. I don't know what happened or why because the dimensions are right. All I can think of is that it got messed up in the submission somehow. Anyway I have RE-SUBMITTED it and hopefully when the new one shows up here it will be right this time. Sometimes it takes a few days for it to show up here after submission so be patient please. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I don't know why it is coming out like that. The image I submitted is the right size. HOWEVER I have re-submitted it and it is on here...look for "Storm Approaching...THE CORRECT SIZE" and that one is fine when you download it

People... The LINK is bad. It is pointing to a thumbnail version of the image. This isn't rocket science. Someone has to notice this and fix it.

when i click "Download Wallpaper!" it saves as a 2.41KB jpeg and its 75 x 100px so im thinkin its just a link to the thumb. :( it looks cool though

To download it, you have to use Firefox or view the source to get the actual picture that is embedded on this page. The download is the thumbnail.

too small like everyone said resolution must be incorrect. small even if you use the download wallpaper link

seems to be a problem with downloads from this section of the site: _all_ of the wallpaper downloads are mini-sized.