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Plain Black

Plain Black

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Colors & Patterns by CrackBerry Kevin
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Reader comments

Plain Black


Isn't it easier to just put your thumb over the camera lens and take a picture... then set that as your background. It always cracks me up to see a black background be the most downloaded...

View the black picture, zoom in till theres no white edges, and set that as your homescreen...


I put this on my home screen but it really looks like a dark grey screen with black grid lines. I tried the finger over the camera trick but it turned out maroon, not black.

whats the point of calling people morons like that.. the point of these sites should be to help and spread knowledge as easily as possible.. so us morons can find help very quickly. like if i needed help with even something as simple as like "how do i put this wallpaper on my phone?" people should help, you sure would look a lot cooler if you were nice about it than trying to make yourself feel like the man cuz you must know everything...

It is faster to download the black background than to take a picture with your FINGER over the camera, manipulate and then post a bunch of comments degrading other people on a website while trying to make yourself look brilliantly smart. Grow up.