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Plain Black

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Plain Black


i just downloaded and is amazing the differece compare to the other wallpapers. Just zoom to fit the screen and thats rocks.....

Besides the people who own 8800 series phones, it is so much easier to just disable flash on your camera, and take a picture in a dark room. I like the plain black background, it's not distracting, and it makes icons and calendar appointments stand out nicely.

dosent really show up as black. it has small green cloverleafs or something in it. at least on my bold it does.

Just did the "put upside down-cover screen-and take picture" way and it worked perfect. You dont have to download anything. Just take the pic and save as home image. Thanks for the easy tip guys!

Um, why all the complication? Just cover the lens with your figure and take a photo!! Its jet black.

Just open your camera put your crackberry upside down with your camera facing downwards in a dark room with your hand over the crackberry take a picture. go to your pictures and set it as home screen image.
Very simple

Must admit the idea is what hooked me. Although i switched the flash off my 8310 and took a picture of my black laptop sceen - set as background - perfect! Makes the icons zing

I would like a black screen with the CB emblem in the upper right corner or Center.(would like to try both) is that possible?

I took a picture and set it as background and it is just a strip of black and all my icons show up really good there,but the upper portion of the screen where it says at&t is light blue with clouds..How do I make it all black?

followed all directions - tried a couple different ways and still i have a thin white border. it would look a lot better if there werent a border

also noticed that on my device 8830 - that zooming and saving makes no difference.


this is the best thing since the square tire. i like this better than pandas singing carols on a hot day in mexico and then flying to indonesia to have breakfast with the queen and afterwards seeing birds on the coast when its cold, and a little foggy, but not before we all hold hands and watch the frogs leap near the side of the mountain near texas, where i was last year, it was pretty humid out there.

you are all really "CRACK" heads. why are you downloading this wallpaper??? how is this the most downloaded wallpaper??? JUST TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOUR CAMERA AND SAVE IT AS WALLPAPER!?!??!?! Come on people!

you have no idea how you have made me laugh on this blue sunday!!! I was one of those who was actually downloading the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllll black wallpaper jajajajajajjajajajajaja!!!!!! you must have a great sense of humor!

just now downloaded this, and my black BB 8800 now looks like a hot d*mn rap/rock star!! this is why I'm HOT!!!!!!!
Hey you two posters above, just save it (no need to zoom in to 100 percent before saving). When you set it as your wallpaper, it will be the black hotnes!!!

I have both submitted and downloaded other wallpapers on CB. Am I going mad, or is this Black wallpaper incorectly sized? It appears too small?

I agree, it does appear way too small; however if you zoom in 100% then save as your background, it does fill the screen.

Just a tip-

You can open microsoft paint and set the size of the canvas to 320x240 pixels and paint the background black. Save the file as a .jpg then hook up your blackberry to the computer with the usb cord that came with it and save your file to the blackberry and use that...

Awesome, I just did the MS Paint thing and emailed it to myself, saved it as wallpaper and it really makes the icons sing. SWEET!