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I understand the fascination with the flag raising on Iwo Jima (If you even have a clue as to where and what Iwo Jima is and was!!) I for one think that you have disgraced an American Icon, which is a huge part of American history, not to mention the United States Marines. I wonder if you gave any thought as to it's meaning or origin? I bet if you knew anything about it, you would rethink this and take it off of this great forum, that many find very helpful. I am repulsed.

SSgt Waters

Well said. I stopped in disbelief that someone would demean such a powerful symbol of American pride. The person who developed this particular wallpaper probably has no idea of it's meaning.

Greg Adams
U.S.M.C. 92-96

What exactly did we "pirate"?

Our country conquers no nations. Even in our latest so-called "war-for-oil", we have taken no oil or resources.
This person's ignorance is obvious. Their lack of respect for our flag and what it represents tells me what kind of parents and teachers they must have had.

It is a slap in the face of all of the men and women who have served so unselfishly and have protected this moron's right to design this crap.

Thanks to all of you with the guts to put on the uniform and protect all of us---including this putz!

Steve Stewart

I couldn't believe the ignorance displayed by the poster in defacing what for many, is a symbol of the bravery shown by the men in uniform of "The Greatest Generation." Please honor those willing to give all for the ideals this country was founded on and thrives upon today and IMMEDIATELY remove this disgraceful wallpaper.

Petty Officer First Class Oz
US Navy, active duty (1991-current)

poignant comment, truly art. what exactly did my forefathers die for on iwa gima? the idea of american freedom has been usurped by... skull and bones, the bilderberger bankers...

you guys cant see this as art. the point is that we have become nothing of what iwo jima stood for. look at it and take it in as a disappointment to what we as a nation has become and not as a disgrace as to what we as a nation have sacrificed.