The last update may have only been a short while ago, but a new version was already in the works. If you are not already familiar with this productivity application, it is a one that bundles several different applications together. For instance, there is a Custom LED for contacts, apps, and messages, a Call and Message blocker to bar calls, texts, and emails, a Wallpaper Setup to rotate your backgrounds, a Battery and File Manager, and even a Profile Scheduler, to name a few. This update brings with it not only a new Wallpaper Toolbar and setup, but bug fixes and better headless support as well.

New Features in v7

  • Wallpaper Toolbar. Add Battery %, Date time, Device and SD Card available memory information, Custom Text or select a random text from a file on the Wallpaper. Optionally set your own TTF font file for the text and select a custom color. Go to the Wallpaper setup screen to enable the Toolbar.
  • Custom TTF font for Weather information on the Lock Screen and on the Toolbar. You can download any TTF font from the Internet and use it instead of the default font. This is also useful for non-English language users. When entering a search city instead of typing in the English name you can use your own native language.
  • New Wallpaper setup. Power Tools now required you to select manually all the wallpapers. Power Tools will then resize all the wallpapers.
  • Weather information location on the Lock Screen can now be anywhere. You just have to enter the X and Y pixel location.
  • Manage System Sound Notification when connected and disconnected to and from a Bluetooth device or a WiFi Hotspot. This is perfect when you are in your car or at the office to control the Sound Notification or simply send out an Text or Email message to notify the recipient.
  • Added Vibrate on all incoming calls in the Phone Settings screen. Set to vibrate forever until the call is connected or set the number of times to vibrate. The vibrate incoming call is also available for individual caller in the Custom LED setup screen in the Phone Tab screen.
  • Better Headless support. Power Tools will now delay the startup when the device is restarted.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Remote Command for Location. In the last release, the Lock Screen was causing the problem.
  • Fixed the Holster problem. This happens on newer device like the BlackBerry Classic
  • Fixed the Flip Hush problem. This happens on newer device like the BlackBerry Classic
  • Fixed the Lock Screen memory problem causing the Headless app to crash.
  • Fixed the Flashlight LED. Before the LED must be On in the Sound Notification for the flashlight LED to work.
  • Fixed the Weather Wallpaper bug due to the Lock Screen

Power Tools is an all-in-one utility application for your device. You can purchase it for BlackBerry 10 for only $4.99 on BlackBerry World. If you do not see the update right away, it is probably still filtering it's way through the storefront, and you should check back later.

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