Wallpaper Changer HD

We first took a look at Wallpaper Changer HD from ShaoSoft back in early 2013 and while it did a fantastic job of making your BlackBerry 10 smartphone look and feel unique you had to keep the app running as an Active Frame. Not anymore though thanks to the latest update! 

Many folk will have been put off by the lack of the app being headless and if that was you then now is the perfect time to dive into BlackBerry World and make your purchase. 

The name of the app is pretty self explanatory - Wallpaper Changer HD will switch your wallpaper automatically. However, you decide how often. You may want it every five minutes or every hour, but there are a ton of options within the settings. As well as using the photos/images that you already have stored on your BlackBerry, the app also gives you the option to download more galleries - a nice touch.

And now onto the special feature. When you open the app you will see a tab that says 'SuperBar Settings'. This is awesome. The SuperBar will display your battery percentage and local weather in addition to the day/date on your BlackBerry home screens. That is fantastic if you ask me.

Wallpaper Changer HD is currently half price in BlackBerry World ($1.99) so you may want to get in quick? 

Features include:

  • Headless!
  • Superbar has option to display weather, free memory or a custom message
  • Superbar displays date on screen
  • Customizable weather icons
  • Tons of free and premium wallpapers available for download within the app
  • Option to just use the Superbar feature without changing the wallpaper
  • Built in screen saver and picture editing options.

More information/Download Wallpaper Changer HD for BlackBerry 10