Are you the type of BlackBerry user that often changes your wallpaper? If that's you I can assure you that Wallpaper Changer HD for BlackBerry 10 will be of interest - plus it has some extra special features.

Viewing your wallpaper on BlackBerry 10 is a little different to on older models due to the Active Frames we now have. That said, I've seen a few people that like to close frames when they are not being used. I'm not one of those people but I do love to view my wallpaper when I unlock the screen - that upwards glide is still so sweet.

So Wallpaper Changer HD will switch your wallpaper automatically. You decide how often - You may want it every five minutes or every hour, but there are a ton of options within the settings. As well as using the photos/images that you already have stored on your BlackBerry, the app also gives you the option to download more galleries - a nice touch.

And now onto the special feature. When you open the app you will see a tab that says 'SuperBar Settings'. This is awesome. The SuperBar will display your battery percentage and local weather in addition to the day/date on your BlackBerry home screens. That is fantastic if you ask me.

The application does need to be running in order to work but that doesn't matter as we get a sweet Active Frame that also shows battery percentage - good stuff.

Wallpaper Changer HD will set you back $1.99/£1.50 and for what you get it is a bargain. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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