CrackBerry regulars will already be plenty familiar with CB10 - our unabashedly awesome app for cruising the CrackBerry blog, forums, and store.

We recently updated the app with a fresh round of bug fixes and, most notably, the ability to see nested comments (that is, replies to existing comments that show up right below them).

Our previous update optimized everything for the Q10, including a dark theme, keyboard shortcuts, and a bottom bar that hid after a bit. 

CB 10 for BlackBerry 10

So, what's CB10 all about? Well, when you first boot it up, you're greeted by our latest blog posts. You can drill down into specific sections using the left-side navigation pane - accessories, apps, editorials, reviews... whatever you're in the mood for. When you jump into a post, you've got full access to commenting and sharing. If you'd rather see the story from our wonderful mobile site, there's a quick way to launch into the browser as well. 

CB 10 for BlackBerry 10

We've got full forum access from CB10, too. You can dig through our mountain of categorized forums, see the latest threads you've yet to check out, and keep tabs on those you've already participated in. Our forum view lets users drill down to specific users to view their profiles, or leave likes and thanks on helpful posts. You can post replies with or without quoting someone else, or quietly subscribe to a thread without having to get involved. When posting, you can attach pictures and other attachments right from your device - perfect for those times you're troubleshooting. 

CB 10 for BlackBerry 10

Finally, we've got access to the CrackBerry store, so you can order up any and all BlackBerry accessories you might need. The app has some handy shortcuts to calling customer care and seeing what's currently sitting in your cart, and check out when you're ready to go. 

Overall, CB10 is a great experience, and what really brings it together are the little touches - pull to refresh, notifications for new blog or forum posts, sensible shortcuts back to the home screen, Passport tie-in, and lots more. The Q10 keyboard shortcuts are especially handy. Alt + R to refresh if you can be bothered to scroll to the top, C to compose a new comment or thread, and plenty of Alt shortcuts to jump between participated, unread, latest, and subscribed topics. If you're reading this site at all and don't have CB10 installed on your phone, you should probably get on that. 

Download CB10 for the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 now!

Also - don't forget that CB10 is in the finals for Best Built For BlackBerry App in the 2013 BlackBerry Developer Community Awards. Be sure to vote for CB10 if you haven't already!!

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