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Wakeful is a fun new alarm application that is currently in beta testing. If you can't stand hearing that annoying alarm in the morning, or if you sleep right through the music you program to wake you, you might want to check this out. Wakeful will provide you with a personalized morning wake up call customized by your location. You can choose to hear a male or female voice tell you the current weather conditions, local news, and more.

If you are currently participating in the beta testing program for Wakeful, there is an important update you will want to be sure to download. The team at Wakeful has implemented a whole new backend infrastructure and the app has been moved to a different server.
Some other changes in this version include:
  • Icon should show for all devices now.
  • Removed the "set alarm" button.  Now when you change the time or any setting it auto-updates without the extra step of the button.
  • New backend, should be able to handle a lot more users.
  • Changed the way the network works, so if you had problems downloading the audio this version may work for you.
If you're not currently part of the Wakeful beta you can sign up at the link below. If you are already part of the program be sure to check your email and update your version of Wakeful at the link provided.

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