Wake Up. Be Bold.

While we wait for BlackBerry 10 phones to hit the market, RIM has to keep pushing hard to sell BlackBerry 7 Smartphones around the globe. 

In the land down under, BlackBerry Australia is trying something a little.... ummm.. different with their Wake Up Be Bold campaign, that got off to a slightly *awkward* start with a flash mob at an Apple store gone weird. Though if you measure the success of a regional marketing campaign in terms of getting a lot of global attention, maybe it's actually doing quite well. Hit the link below. Sound off in the comments. I can't wait to read these ones. Lol.

While I'm not personally a fan of the Wake up concept, I gotta say I do like the notion of Do Different that they drop into the website's dialog. Who cares about Thinking Different? It's actually Doing Different that matters.