Verizon Storm Retail Price @ $499.99 Verizon Storm Pricing from Verizon Stores - $499.99

Best Buy Storm Pricing - $599.99 Best Buy currently lists the Storm at $599.99

Over at HoFo, member VZW E posted late last night a photo of the pretty darn official looking document above (top image), which suggests that the Verizon BlackBerry Storm will carry a retail (no contract) price of $499.99. Seems cheap!!

On the other hand, Best Buy has been displaying the BlackBerry Storm on their website for the past few days, but with a retail price of $599.99. Hopefully they'll chop $100 off that price tag over the course of the week, or at least offer to match Verizon's $499.99 sticker, especially considering many of you already dropped your $50 deposit at Best Buy in order to reserve your Storm for this Friday's launch. At least it's a refundable deposit, but who wants to go through the hassle of getting it back to purchase elsewhere?

Big Thanks to BigVDawgy and everyone else who sent this in!