Verizon BlackBerry Storm to be Announced on Monday?

The net is buzzing today with word that Verizon is set to "announce" the BlackBerry Storm this Monday, September 15th, with sales targeted to begin on November 1st (will believe it when the device is in my hands that day!).

This news comes via an internal email that's been floating around Verizon Wireless featuring the image above (notice the Stormy clouds in the background and the touchscreeny-like fingerprint. Subtle. Not!!). Word also has it that Monday's announcement should be accompanied by the launch of a teaser site at (link not working yet).

The BEST thing about this news is that the 15th is less than 48 hours away. Two more days and we may just know most of the secrets behind RIM's up and coming touchscreen smartphone.

[ Via BGR and BBNews and HoFo (thx Kevin Byrne!) ]

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