Ever since Thorsten Heins took over as CEO of BlackBerry back in January 2012 we've been hearing plenty of talk about mobile computing. Some folks chalk it up to a buzzword while others see it as a direction for the future given how powerful smartphones are these days. One form of mobile computing would be to ditch the laptop and instead, make use of accessories that compliment your smartphone. 

For years now, BlackBerry has been loading up on patents covering such things and if all the rumors we've been hearing are accurate, they'll soon be unveiling some of those accessories and peripherals. If you want to add some more fuel to those rumors though, check out the video above that was sent to BBIn. It clearly shows off some form of desktop-like interface with the BlackBerry Hub. An idea we've also heard BlackBerry has been toying with along with BBM on the desktop.

Granted, the video could be some undiscovered concept that someone put together. It does have a Windows 8 look to it and there was plenty of BlackBerry 10 info out there to copy at the time or it could be a good, albeit quick look, at something BlackBerry is working on internally. The date indicates it's fairly old, like pre-BlackBerry 10 launch old, whatever it may end up being. 

In any case, it's interesting to consider though I have to say, I'm not fully sold on giving up my laptop and using strictly a BlackBerry based add-on. I hope whatever BlackBerry has in mind, can be melded with my already existing laptop. Sound off in the comments folks.