VQ Mileage Tracker

After some great customer feedback, VQ Mileage Tracker has been updated with some cool new features that make it even better. The handy app automatically tracks your mileage every time you drive so you don't need to keep track of things manually when on the road. VQ Mileage Tracker gives you the total miles, address you drove to and date/time for each trip. New features in v 3.2 include:

  • Auto-Report Generation: Users can set VQ Mileage Tracker to automatically email them weekly, monthly or quarterly Mileage Report spreadsheets
  • Track to nearest tenth of mile/km: Users can track to the nearest tenth of a mile/km or to the nearest mile/km (feature added based on numerous user requests
  • Time Tracker: In addition to reporting start and end address and distance travelled, VQ Mileage Tracker now also reports trip duration in hours and minutes so users can more accurately track time spent driving for business
  • Advanced Address Capture: VQ Mileage Tracker can now even capture the address user parked at when they park underground.

The latest version is available in the CrackBerry App Store and sells regularly for $19.99. To coincide with the release of the new version, you can grab it for just $9.99 through June 30th.

  • More information/download of VQ Mileage Tracker >>

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