vPost For BlackBerry

Vayyoo has been hard at work with getting the latest version of vPost ready for launch. While still in beta right now, the folks from Vayyoo have decided to take it to public beta and make it available for everyone. Lots of new features are to be found in the latest release including a lot more social media integration and support for OS 5.0 devices. Check out the full list of changes below:

  • Address book integration: 1)ability to add contacts into vPost; if a picture is present it will be the icon in vPost 2) Ability to vPost a contact from the contact listing.
  • Renaming of captured media is simple.
  • No size limitations.
  • Setup wizard to make getting started easy.
  • Inclusion of social networking destinations for one-click sharing.
  • Ability to create groups to make sharing amongst family and friends a click away.
  • A character counter in the note field.
  • New Background.
  • 4.5+OS supported (including 5.0 and storms).
  • Social Network support for TwitVid, TwitPic, Posterous and many more.
With the new subset of features and upgraded OS support vPost is a great application to capture the moments that are most important to you and share with others. The public beta includes a free 30 day trial account and any updates that come along during the beta, will re-trigger that 30 days until the full release is available.
  • Download The Public Beta Of vPost For Your BlackBerry Today>>

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