Vote for the BlackBerry Haiku Contest People's Choice Award!

So here's the deal. Yesterday we posted the ten finalists to the WHERE.com BlackBerry Haiku Contest and opened it up to the community to vote for their favorites. But with almost 1900 BlackBerry Haiku entries submitted, it was inevitable that some of you would have favorites outside the top ten picked by the WHERE team. So to that end, WHERE is giving away a SECOND BlackBerry smartphone to one lucky winner in the form of the PEOPLE's CHOICE Award! Here's a quick note from the WHERE team:

Was your favorite BlackBerry Haiku left out of the Top 10? Good news! Now you, the people of CrackBerry, will have the opportunity to write in your choice for the best BlackBerry haiku. WHERE has agreed to give away another device to the winner of the CrackBerry People's Choice Award. There are close to 1900 haikus to choose from.....get reading....  

BlackBerry Haiku Contest People's Choice Award Voting Instructions 

Step 1 - Visit the original BlackBerry Haiku Contest thread >>

Step 2 - Browse through the pages and pages of entries and choose your favorite. Also, as this People's Choice votes start to come in, you can just browse through the votes here and re-paste if one of the already-voted for ones meets your fancy.

Step 3 - Copy and Paste your Favorite Entry back into the comments section of this thread. Include the original Haiku poster's username. Make sure you are logged into CrackBerry.com. Only one vote per member will be counted.

That's it! Voting ends March 16 at 12:00am, so submit your People's Choice entry to this post asap. Once the voting is done, the WHERE team will tabulate the entries and the member who submitted the Haiku that receives the most votes wins! THANKS WHERE!!