Nokia QWERTY Survey

We know that BlackBerry users love their QWERTY keyboards -- it's one of the main reasons we stand by our faithful BlackBerry and are able to crank out quick emails and messages all day long. At the announcement of BlackBerry 10 we were left wondering if we'd ever see a full-QWERTY BlackBerry again, however it wasn't too long before Thorsten Heins cleared it up and told us not to worry. So the faithful QWERTY lovers can rest assured that another great physical keyboard BlackBerry is still on the way.

Nokie recenlty conducted a poll asking users what input method they preferred. The winner? QWERTY keyboard of course (in Europe at least). Out of all the available input methods for devices, the physical keyboard still stands on top. Over 48% of users say they prefer a full QWERTY keyboard as their favorite input method on a device over touchscreen (34.69%) number keypad (8.91%) and voice command (7.75%).

In the US the overall numbers break down with the touchscreen winning out at a bit more than 47%, 33.33% opting for a QWERTY keyboard, 12.5% in favor of voice command and 6.94% for a number keypad. So while more users in the US are opting for the touchscreen, the QWERTY lovers aren't far behind.

Overall this gives us a pretty good look at just how many users still prefer a full QWERTY keyboard over other methods. Personally, I can't wait to see what BlackBerry 10 brings. While I'm super pumped to use the new touchscreen keyboard, I'm also excited to get a look at a BlackBerry 10 device with a physical keyboard.

Source: IntoMobile Via: Nokia 

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