Over the last two weeks we took in nominations for all of the categories that span our Best of 2013 awards. We received a great response and have compiled a list of finalists based on your nominations. Now we need your help once again as we're in the final stages of crowning CrackBerry's Best of 2013 -- we've now opened the voting with our list of finalists.

Head over to the link below to get your vote in for the best of the year. You'll be voting for best apps across a number of categories, best device and best accessories for all of 2013. You may not see some of your favorites on the ballot, but unfortunately that just means others beat them out with more nominations.

It should only take you five minutes or so to complete the voting, so swing by and knock it out when you have a chance. The polls will remain open until next Friday, December 27th. After that we'll tally the votes and crown the winners!

Vote now for CrackBerry's Best of 2013