Smartphone Madness

For the past couple years and coinciding with the NCAA's March Madness, LAPTOP Mag has held their own online version of the event pitting smartphones against each other in head to head action and letting readers vote to determine who wins.

It's a pretty dumb event when you really look at it how little is involved in it, though you can't argue it's a smart one for LAPTOP as it obviously gets the attention of phone fans across the net. Our Mobile Nations editors, myself included, usually ignore it. Honestly, I hadn't even realized it was going on this year until I woke up this morning to a bunch of tweets saying going vote for the Z10 in the finals to beat out the Lumia 920.

Turns out the BlackBerry Z10 has been holding its own in 2013, knocking out the Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy Note II and Google Nexus 4 on the road to the finals against the Windows Phone 8 based Nokia Lumia 920.

Smartphone Madness

Dumb event aside, we're in the finals and I hate to lose, so jump over to LAPTOP mag at the link below and cast your vote for the BlackBerry Z10. The voting has been up since yesterday and I was slow at promoting it, so as I type this we have some catching up to do. The voting goes until Monday morning though, so we have the weekend to do it. Go vote, spread the word, and let's win this thing!

Update: CrackBerry Kevin and Windows Phone Dan talk about how stupid this contest is...

Vote for the BlackBerry Z10 in the Smartphone Madness Finals!