As BlackBerry users I am pretty sure that one of the features we all use the most is BBM. I am also quite sure that most of us don't bother sending voice notes via BBM, even though we have the ability to do so. As BlackBerry people we love to type right?

Well if sending voice messages is your thing there is now a new app dedicated to making the process just that little bit easier - Voice Chat for BBM. Now, it won't be to everyones liking and to be honest I will more than likely never use it but there will be folk out there that will so this one is for you.

"Powered by iSpeech" (whatever that is) Voice Chat for BBM works like this: Select a BBM contact, press your BlackBerry menu button and select to 'speak' option. This will open the app where it will automatically start recording your voice. Once finished just press the 'done' button and the speech will be converted to text in your BBM chat - simple.

With so many different accents around the world the app does take some getting used too and I can't guarantee how good it is at recognising accents. If I spoke slowly and clearly it seemed to work ok but talking at normal speed I had a few problems as you can see in the video. Voice Chat for BBM will set you back $0.99 so although not expensive I suppose you need to weigh up whether it is a feature you will actually use.

More information/Download Voice Chat for BBM for BlackBerry smartphones

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