The New BlackBerry Storm - Feel The Power!

If you haven't seen the BlackBerry Storm tour up on Vodafone's website yet, check it out now!!! Warning: like all of the Storm coverage, this will make you drool. The 360 degree view let's you see the Storm from every angle and you can view a detailed Spec sheet (no WiFi mentioned... we can keep our hopes up and wait and see what the final word is come tomorrow's press release before we feel too let down, but it's looking like Definitely No WiFi. Ahh well.. they need to save something for the Storm 2 don't they?!).

The walk throughs don't dive into very much detail, but do give a good overall impression of the device and build up the hype. I can't wait to try typing on the touchscreen keyboard... if it works half as well as it looks it is going to be awesome. And I love that they used a Formula 1 clip to show off the high-resolution display. Thanks to everyone who sent this in. I... can't... wait... any... LONGER... I wants it... I needs it!!