Just a quick heads up for UK BlackBerry users that are looking forward to the release of the low cost BlackBerry Leap. Vodafone have today confirmed they will be offering the latest BlackBerry 10 device, but if you were thinking of picking this one up as a consumer you'll be disappointed. The Leap is only going to be available for business users, which in my opinion is a shame, but we already know that this is the segment of the market that BlackBerry wants to regain most.

Vodafone have not confirmed a launch date as yet, or indeed if the new all-touch BlackBerry will come with a price tag, although I would imagine that if there is a charge for the handset it will be very low.

Will the other UK networks follow suit and only supply the BlackBerry Leap to business customers? Mobile News says EE is on board but Three and O2 are not for now. We'll keep you updated on any others.