Vodafone UK to bring 4G to Liverpool, Glasgow and Manchester

Vodafone UK launched their 4G network on September 29th, 2013. However, for many Vodafone customers it wasn't much to write home about as at the time of launch, only those in London would be able to enjoy it. Vodafone has added more cities to their 4G roster since then - Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield. The next cities to have Vodafone 4G switched on will be Liverpool and Glasgow. 

Liverpool 4G will come first on October 17th, then Glasgow on October 24th with Manchester following soon afterwards.

Vodafone already have 10,000 customers signed up to the 4G Ready plan. With All BlackBerry 10 smartphones 4G-enabled, I'm pretty sure some of those are BlackBerry owners. The BlackBerry Z30 has also landed on Vodafone, so you'll also be able to get that on the 4G Ready plans too. If you sign up now, you can also get 4GB of data on top of the standard amount you get. That makes Vodafone appealing in terms of getting the most data for your money.

Check out the BlackBerry Z30 on Vodafone UK