Millions of BlackBerry 10 users around the globe have been rejoicing this week with the release of BlackBerry 10.2.1. We published a list of carriers that were supporting the OS update on day one, however, missing from that list was Vodafone UK. This puzzled me a bit as from past experience they have been first off the mark and I've had to insert a Vodafone SIM into my BlackBerry to grab previous updates - not this time though. 

With BlackBerry having a decent market share here in the UK (and one or two family members slightly confused about the lack of 10.2.1) I reached out to BlackBerry to find out what was going on and here's the respectable response I received: 

“The BlackBerry 10.2.1 update has begun rolling out to customers today, subject to carrier approvals. As part of the approval process, we work closely with Vodafone Group and expect the update to be available to its customers in the very near future.”

So for you folk on Vodafone in the UK - 10.2.1 is coming, I just can't tell you when. Let's hope Vodafone themselves take note of this post as I'm sure the comments will burst into life. 

If you are on a carrier that wasn't on our list be sure to let us know please when your update arrives? In fact - why not send us a tweet (@CrackBerry) and we can keep the list up to date? Thanks in advance.