If you're currently a Vodafone customer in Europe it seems the network are striving to compete against their rivals in a big way. Things are kicking off in the UK with 1400 jobs being created via 150 new stores opening up. This new boost is part of a £1 billion investment which to cut a long story short is to try and get Vodafone's market share back to where it was - as they are now sitting behind the likes of EE and O2. This will involve improved services across the 2G, 3G and 4G spectrums to help give 98% coverage to the UK.

In addition to the UK news, Vodafone plans to spend £250 billion on it's other key European markets. This huge amount of cash has come from last years sale of its stakes in US carrier Verizon. By 2017 Vodafone hope to have 98% 4G coverage in five of its key EU markets.

With all BlackBerry 10 devices being 4G ready this is only good news for us folk on Team BlackBerry. BlackBerry 7 users will also benefit too though from the improved 2G & 3G coverage across the UK.

The kind of carrier news we like to see.

Source: BBC News

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