BlackBerry Torch 9800

Once more the BlackBerry Torch is subject to making headlines, which at this rate may very well take over the world soon - but that's only a good thing. This time it is Malta to enjoy the love and with BlackBerry being so popular there, the BlackBerry Torch will likely be a hit among the socially connected and business oriented individuals. Proud to bring the BlackBerry Torch to Malta is Alexandre Froment Curtil, Head of Marketing at Vodafone Malta; "[RIM and Vodafone Malta] were the first to launch the BlackBerry solution in Malta and we have a rich history of innovation and collaboration with Research in Motion. Our two companies that brought the first BlackBerry smartphones to the local market have teamed up again with the new BlackBerry Torch to provide our users an enormously popular service with the latest technological advances."

As far as pricing goes, Vodafone Malta is very flexible. You can go without contract and pay a cool 599€ or choose from one of the many plans available. You could go all deluxe with the Smartphone 95 plan and get the BlackBerry Torch for free, which at 95€ per month is not that bad as it includes a 2GB quota of mobile Internet use as well as 600 free minutes to all local and EU networks. Should it be anything in between, Vodafone Malta has you covered - go check out the plans for yourself and you will see what I mean; there is a little something for everyone! Be sure to head over to the Vodafone Malta Web site for more details and pricing information. And do not tell me I did not warn you of the many options Vodafone Malta offers, I told you!

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Source: Malta Media Online

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