Great news for those of you in Germany on the Vodafone network. The company have today announced that mobile payments will be supported through BlackBerry App World. This will benefit BlackBerry users that do not have access to, or do not want to use a credit card to link to their account.
In addition Vodafone customers will also have the opportunity to perform in-app purchases giving the the freedom to buy without leaving the running application. All current BlackBerry models will support the new payment option as long as users have the latest version of BlackBerry App World installed.

Carrier App World payments are not new to BlackBerry although it is taking a while for the support to get to all networks. It certainly makes life easier than having to worry about a credit card or a PayPal account so I'm all for it. In this day and age with so many teenagers using BlackBerry this should also increase their ability to purchase from BlackBerry App World without having to pester mum or dad for credit card details. Everyone's a winner!

Source: Mobistack.com