Vodafone Germany now taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry Classic

If you live in Germany and have been wondering whether or not Vodafone would be carrying the BlackBerry Classic there's now a definite answer for you and it's, yes. If you head on over to their website right now, you will find they've started taking pre-orders for the device with scheduling showing shipments will be sent out somewhere around mid-December (Going out on a limb here and saying Dec. 17th) for those who order.

With Vodafone pricing structure, you could end up with the device for as little as € 1.00 but entry-level tariffs start at € 29.90. Want one with no contract? Vodafone will gladly hook you up with one for around € 379.90 without any problem. Hit the link below if you're looking to get your pre-orders in.

Pre-order the BlackBerry Classic on Vodafone Germany

Via: NewGenteBlackBerry

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