While its all been rather hush-hush when it comes to carriers who might be offering the BlackBerry Passport, it's looking as though Vodafone Germany is among the first to break the silence on the matter. Over at the Vodafone Germany forums, when questioned whether or not the carrier would eventually be offering the Passport, a forums moderator looked into the matter and came with the reply that they would indeed be making the device available to customers with an expected release of October but no pricing details were noted.

We will take over the BlackBerry Passport in our range. : Smiley very-happy:planned to sell from the beginning of October, but this date has not yet been confirmed by the manufacturer.

Is it an official confirmation? I wouldn't go that far as things can change and mistakes can be made on customer forums. However, it's a good sign in any case for those looking to pick up the device in Germany. Now, we just have to wait for even more carrier news to trickle out as I'm sure many are wondering what other carriers will have the Passport as well.

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