Vlingo for BlackBerry Status Update

The good folks at Vlingo sent me an update to pass on to y'all:

Vlingo releases fix for blocked users!

Vlingo has fixed the connection problem that some users, mainly on T-Mobile and Rogers, have been experiencing.  This fix would not have been possible without the help of the BlackBerry user community who reported the problem and helped test this solution.  To download the new version of the application please uninstall your current version and visit www.vlingo.com to install the updated edition.  For further instructions please  click here. (http://vlingo.com/faq_tmo.html )  Please note that this fix still may not solve your problem if you are using an unsupported device although in many cases it does.

Vlingo would like to thank the overwhelming number of people who have already downloaded and launched vlingo for BlackBerry - the industry’s first complete voice-powered interface based entirely on vlingo’s breakthrough speech recognition technology.

Look for exciting updates and new features on vlingo in the coming months!

You can read our original post on Vlingo here, as well as the first status update. I've been using Vlingo and have been loving it. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't yet.