Vivid Storm Theme!

Long goes my battle to find the perfect BlackBerry Storm theme and luckily I was able to get my hands on the above hotness from WJD Designs. Vivid looks great at that lovely Storm display and while the included background is amazing, any other background you wish to use looks great as well due to the icons used as they are not really "invasive" of the overall look of the theme.

With 2 hidden homescreen buttons that allows you to hide your icons when not in use and the "must have" spots that support quick launch and your favorite weather application Vivid is a nice addition to my Storms theme selection, but really me describing the theme does not do this one justice. In order to get a feel for the speed in this theme checking out the video is a must, that way you can see for yourself lag is not an issue here. Vivid is on sale for $5 right now till the 31st.

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