Visual VoiceMail On AT&T Coming Sooner Then Later?

Sure, we have all seen the pictures and read the forums information surrounding Visual Voicemail on BlackBerry devices other than the Storm. At this point it's not a maybe of it is coming but more of a when is it coming situation. BGR posted a sceeenshot from the AT&T online account system and users were also filling the CrackBerry email address full of information about BlackBerry Visual Voicemail being available to add to their account. Of course, when requesting the service to be added actually lead to an error message many realized AT&T had just messed up and at this point have long since removed the option from users OLAM accounts. But what's more curious here is the current price point it shows for the service is $0. Assuming AT&T didn't just fill that in as an option it looks like Visual Voicemail may be coming to non-Verizon customers free of charge, I can dig that! Still no word on when but surely sooner then later since AT&T felt compelled to input it into customer facing systems.

[ BGR ]