PhoneTag, the company formerly known as SimulScribe

I received an email today from James Siminoff, Founder and CEO of SimulScribe, dropping word they are going to re-brand their company to the much easier to spell PhoneTag this Friday at 11:59PM (I'll assume EST!). Jamie also dropped word of a new feature coming to SimulScribe PhoneTag (read about it after the jump !).

If you're not familiar with SimulScribe, they offer an awesome Voicemail to Text service that can be utilized via their popular SimulSays BlackBerry application. I first layed eyes on SimulSays at WES 2007 last May, and was so blown away by the application that I gave it a BEST of WES 2007 Crackie Award. They also win my award for best Apple/Mac Parody with their iPhone vs. SimulScribe Commercial.

In regards to the re-branding and newest feature coming to PhoneTag, James had this to say:

As you might have already heard we will be changing our name from SimulScribe to PhoneTag on Friday night April 25th.  We appreciate your support of SimulScribe/PhoneTag and look forward to providing you the best service possible for a long time to come.  While we all loved the name SimulScribe, it is not as easy to remember or spell as PhoneTag is, so we made the decision to change our name.

When the change is made on Friday night, your SimulScribe emails will now come from  There is a possibility that this switch will cause some spam folder issues with a very small percentage of our customers.  We apologize ahead of time if you are one of the few affected by this.  We have increased our customer service staff for this weekend and next week, to make sure that if you do have an issue, we are there to handle it for you immediately. Just email or call 1-800-788-0916.

Also, we have rolled out a new feature which I think is the single best advancement in the service since we began transcribing voicemails.  You can now upload your contact book into your SimulScribe account.  Once you upload your contacts into our system, SimulScribe/PhoneTag messages will come from the email address of the person who called you.  This allows you to very easily email the person back from the transcribed voicemail that comes into you through PhoneTag.  In the subject line it will say “PhoneTag from James Siminoff - (917) 412-4747 at 09:22AM 04/23/2008”.  In addition, our system will now also search for the correct spelling of the caller's name. This means that if I call you, the system will look through your contact list for "Jamie Siminoff" and put my name in the proper place with the correct spelling.  I have been using the feature for a few weeks in testing now and it really is just incredible.

To upload your contact list and enable this feature on your account, simply login to your account and click on the “My Contacts” tab – you can then follow the on-screen instructions, it’s very simple.

Please always feel free to contact me if you need anything.  We do realize that you are the reason that we exist so please tell us if there is something that we can do better.


James Siminoff
CEO and Founder
SimulScribe PhoneTag

Best of luck James on the re-branding! Hopefully this post will play a small spart in spreading the word. I'm a SimulScribe user and a BIG fan of the service. Now for the bigger question... does this mean you will re-film my favorite SimulScribe commercial to be a PhoneTag commercial? I hope so! Here it is again for everyone's viewing pleasure, just in case you may have missed it before:

iPhone vs. SimulScribe, SimulScribe Wins