Want a quick, easy way to backup your emails and keep them secure? Virtual Vault has the answer. Now officially available, this cool app saves all of your BIS emails (sent and received) and you can even access them to forward/reply in the future. Features of Virtual Vault include:

  • Saves all BIS received and sent emails
  • Import of all existing emails on a users BlackBerry into the "Virtual Vault"
  • Full email "Search" capability within the Virtual Vault
  • Emails can be forwarded or replied to from within the Virtual Vault
  • Original email content can be edited before being sent thru the Virtual Vault
  • Each Virtual Vault file is Encrypted and Password Protected

Currently this app is only for use on BIS, but an Enterprise edition is on its way in the next week or so. Virtual Vault sells for $9.99, but to celebrate the release you can grab it for just $4.99 using the code VV4CB in our mobile app store (the code will only work in our mobile app store or app store client). Head to the link below from your device for more.

  • More information/download of Virtual Vault >>