Virtual Contact for Twitter
Still looking for a Twitter application on your BlackBerry PlayBook? Need to manage multiple Twitter accounts? Then Virtual Contact for Twitter may be the answer for you! Created by Babin Moisan Solutions Inc., Virtual Contact for Twitter is a FREE Twitter client available only for the BlackBerry PlayBook. I didn't realize how feature packed this app really was until I checked out the creator's videos on his YouTube channel. He takes you step by step through all of the features listed below.
  • Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts¬†
  • Auto Messages
  • URL Shortener
  • Search feature
  • Image & Video publishing
  • Shows DMs (Direct Messages) I had issues with this feature with one account but I believe that's because I have protected tweets...
  • When viewing tweets with URL links, you can actually view the images or web pages without leaving the Twitter client app
There are very few Twitter applications available for the BlackBerry PlayBook and even fewer ones that I actually like. Virtual Contact is easy to use & has the features most of us desire. The fact that it's a FREE Twitter client makes it so much more appealing to some. One of the things I would change is the dark color scheme. Maybe in future builds they may utilize the vibrant red & yellow colors of the logo to brighten up the UI a bit.

For more information / download of Virtual Contact for Twitter