Virgin mobile

Looking to score a better deal on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 or BlackBerry Torch 9810 by opting to buy one from Virgin Mobile? You may be in luck when it comes to the pricing over, that is -- when compared to Rogers. The verdict is still out on Virgins parent company, Bell. Here is what you'll be looking at if you opt to purchase from Virgin Mobile:

BlackBerry Bold 9900:

  • No-contract price: $599.99
  • 3-year contract/SuperTab: $169.99

BlackBerry Torch 9810:

  • No-contract price: $599.99
  • 3-year contract/SuperTab: $149.99 

More expensive for the no-contract terms but if you're going to be rolling a new 3-year contract, you'll get off $50 cheaper when grabbing the Torch 9810 and $70 cheaper if the Bold 9900 is more your bag. Oh right, Virgin Mobile also has their dummy units ready as well.

Source: Mobile Syrup via: CrackBerry Forums

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