I will be honest from the start and say that this isn't the most exciting game for BlackBerry 10. However, it is free and the concept is an all time classic - suited for both adults and children. Viking Memo is also available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5 so everyone can enjoy it. 

Based on Viking symbols (for some reason) the game is a simple memory testing challenge where you will be given a selection of cards on the display and it's just a case of matching two symbols the same. You can flip over two cards each turn and as you progress through the levels and get more and more cards on-screen you'll need to use the old grey matter to remember where each card is. 

Once all the pairs have been matched it's onto the next level - simple. I'm rapidly going to run out of things to say about this one as it's so basic, but it is kind of addictive. I'm usually really rubbish at puzzle style games so I've pleasantly surprised myself with Viking Memo as I'm quite good at it! 

Anyway, as this one's free, go and give it a try - and if you have children they'll be loving it too. 

Download Viking Memo for BlackBerry 10