While at WES 2009 back in May, we got a hold of Viigo's President and CEO, Mark Ruddock, who walked us through what was coming to Viigo in the weeks ahead. The weeks ahead are now weeks past, and Viigo has officially rolled out a new release -- Tango 9, version 3.1.330 -- which includes some awesome improvements over Tango 8:

  • Social Networks including Twitter, Facebook, Friend Feed and Identica are now supported.
  • Audio & Podcasts is now available and, because of a partnership with Podcast.com, comes with more than 10,000 podcasts across 22 categories to get folks jumpstarted (you can find the CrackBerry Podast in the Viigo Recommends section!)
  • A Deals module has been added. Now you can buy the best sale items or hottest promotions using Viigo and the Gazaro service.
  • Keep track of credit card, bank or frequent flyer accounts for example in the new My Accounts service, the first premium service in Viigo found in the Business & Finance Module.
  • An improved Weather module now gives you real-time updates, day and night forecasts, radar and much more info.
  • And at the core, a new real-time channel framework has been implemented.

Viigo has a ton of modules these days, so if you're not yet familiar with the app you'll definitely want to check out http://www.viigo.com/modules to learn more about each the features in detail. Since Tango 8, Viigo has built in a number of new services. Services new to Tango 9 include: Golf,Youtube, Motor Sports, Goal.com, Hockey, Industry News in Stocks & Finance, Open Table, Craigslist, Dine.TO, Traffic News, Federated Media, Package Tracking in Shopping Channel and Beyond.com.

BEFORE YOU INSTALL/UPGRADE: There are a couple of important notes here before you upgrade/install:

  1. If you are already running a version of Viigo installed from BlackBerry App World, it must be removed before installing this latest version of the app.
  2. Keep in mind that Audio consumes significant bandwidth. Be sure you have an appropriate data plan before going nuts on the podcasts (especially considering how long our CrackBerry ones tend to be!).

GET THE LATEST VIIGO: To get the latest version of CrackBerry Viigo, simply point your BlackBerry's web browser to www.crackberryviigo.com.