Viigo as an E-Book Reader!

I was really hoping our next Viigo update would be the long-waited Podcast announcement (it's not, so don't kill me in the comments!), but this update is PRETTY COOL and is something I'll be using often... Viigo as an E-Book Reader! From Viigo:

Are you ready to turn your smartphone in to an e-book reader but don't want to add another application to your device? If so, Viigo is your answer. Having partnered with Dailylit, Viigo now provides access to a library of books for free.

To access the new service, click on Entertainment from the home screen and choose "Add Channel". Select DailyLit from the menu.

Once you have selected the books you would like sent to you, return to the Entertainment channel. You can then select the book you would like to begin reading.

I'm really digging the implementation on this. Each book is broken down into short "chapters", which make it easy to read small chunks whenever you have a few minutes free. If you're not rocking Viigo yet, just visit

Viigo Invite-a-Friend Contest: And while we're taking Viigo... if you're a fan of the app and want a chance to win some cool prizes while spreading the Viigo word, be sure to check out this page for contest details!