Server Upgrade Complete - Get Viigo - CrackBerry Edition

Good News for all you Viigo users out there. This past Saturday the good folks at Viigo completed their planned server upgrade (thanks for working on the weekend guys!). Their growth in users the past few months was causing the existing servers to bog down - which for regular users of Viigo meant feeds were loading up and updating less briskly and frequently than desired.

With the server upgrade now complete, everything is zipping along just fine. The transition should be seemless for end users, but if you're finding things aren't quite up to speed when using the app, try full closing the application down (from the Viigo homescreen hit Menu > Close) and then reopen it from there. This will force Viigo to find the new server.

If you don't have Viigo yet, you'll want to check it out. It's free, and is now available in the recently released Edition. You can get your copy here.