Download Viigo Beta!

Back in April I brought you a sneak peak of Viigo "Project Tango" and today, after weeks of anxious waiting, you can finally download yourself a beta copy and give it a try! Read On for the details...

Viigo is running two beta programs over the summer months as they prepare for a September final release of Viigo 3.0: 

  • Private Beta - launched yesterday, some 2,000 beta testers will put the newest features through their paces.
  • Public Beta - available today, this beta is open to everyone!

As of right now the Private/Public Betas are running the same code base, but the Private testers will be getting new features shortly (ie. Audio) which will make their way to the Public beta a few weeks later. You can expect to see 2 or 3 versions of the beta before the final release hits and Viigo will automatically notify you when a new version becomes available. Unfortunately, the beta won't carry the branding, so if you want to go beta you'll have to sacrifice that for a few months. Don't worry though - when the final Edition of Viigo 3.0 is released it'll be backed with some sweeeeet schtuff you won't find anywhere else.

What's in the Public Beta

  • News & RSS – essentially the same as we have in the current shipping version of Viigo
  • CFL – a sample of what’s going to  be possible on Viigo’s Expanded Sports Service (league news, standings, live scores, ticket sales, etc.) … will eventually become part of the sports folder, but it’s separated right now for technical reasons.
  • Weather – 5 day forecourt favorite cities … lots more coming here too including radar, etc.
  • Sports – live scores for the following current leagues (MLB, PGA, LPGA, Formula 1, CFL and the Euro 2008) … you’ll see other sports such as the NFL, NCAA, etc as the respective seasons start
  • Entertainment – some fun bPLay Games and Themes – including some free games, just for Viigo users … lots more coming here
  • Stocks – a very very early sample of a portfolio service, showing updated market data for a sample portfolio of commonly held stocks … lots more coming here, including the ability to manage your own portfolios, and get much richer data than is currently shown.
  • Beta Feedback – the ability to submit Bugs, Features Requests or UI Requests directly to our Product Management team right from within the app. 

Viigo Beta Links

  • For an overview video of what’s in the public beta, head over to
  • The Public Beta landing page can be found at
  • To download the public beta directly from your device, you can head to from your BlackBerry browser