Viigo Beta

The good folks at Viigo opened up the second public beta of Viigo's Project Tango today. In case you're a newcomer to the BlackBerry world and that first sentence sounds a bit "greek" to you, you can learn about Viigo here and the first Public Beta here.

What's new in the second beta? Two new services have been added: US Elections and Beijing 2008. Minor improvements have also been made to existing services, including Entertainment, Weather and Stocks. Sorry guys and gals... no podcasts yet (speaking of podcasts - apologies for the delays in getting a new CB podcast up. We're going to get one recorded soon!).

More details and screen caps after the jump. And if you want to give the second beta a try, just point your berry's browser to

Viigo Project Tango Second Public Beta Improvements

from Viigo...

Elections 2008

Viigo Beta

Viigo now sports one-stop coverage of the U.S. Presidential Election Campaign with polls, commentary and breaking news all wrapped into one service. You can follow which candidate is leading the campaign trail to the White House from a blend of news, blogs, and poll results from a variety of sources (CNN, BBC, NBC, FOX, Associated Press, Yahoo!, and more). We will be adding lots to this service over the next few weeks including coverage of senate and house races.

Beijing 2008

With the Beijing 2008 service you can get comprehensive, day-by-day, sport-by-sport coverage of the games. Follow the latest news and results on your favorite sports, receive a summary of today's medal results, review a list of all upcoming events by day, and stay on top of the up-to-the-minute medal count, country by country. From the most popular events such as swimming, soccer, gymnastics and basketball to the more unique events showcased in Beijing such as steeple-chase and slalom kayaking, no matter what sport you want to follow or what country you root for, Viigo will deliver you the information you want, regardless of time zone. The images below obviously contain test data!


Viigo Beta

We have augmented the Viigo weather service to now include extended forecasts, satellite and radar images and highs and lows for the day.

Viigo's improved sports service gives you up-to-the-minute sport scores, standings, and schedules for your favorite teams.

  • PGA/LPGA: Real-time leaderboard updates for tournaments currently underway
  • NASCAR: Race results, Sponsor and Driver Standings
  • INDY CAR: Race results, Sponsor and Driver Standings
  • FORMULA 1: Race Results, Constructor and Driver Standings
  • MLB: Live scores, Standings
  • CFL: Live scores, Ticket Sales, Standings & News
  • NFL: Live scores, Standings (available when the season starts)
  • Premier League: Live scores, Standings (available when the season starts)
  • NHL: Live scores, Standings (available when the season starts)
  • NBA: Live scores, Standings (available when the season starts)

You can still download and buy the latest Blackberry mobile games from bPlay, but you can also now keep track of your favorite Hollywood goings on.

Soon, we'll be providing access to movie showtimes, reviews, etc. By the way, you can now also add or remove any of the entertainment feeds.

With the stocks service, you can keep track of the performance of the markets, and get insights from a series of specially selected market feeds. Soon, you'll even be able to track the performance of your own portfolio.

Under the covers, the second beta has a number of important memory improvements, but we've really only scratched the surface here, and have a lot more in store for the later in the month at public launch in September