Viigo News

Love Viigo but hate all the "extras"? Well Viigo News may be just the thing for you. The newest offering from Viigo gives up the excess features and cuts right to the chase. This streamlined version allows you to simply add RSS feeds so you get just the news, and runs a much faster operation. Viggo News allows you to add feeds from a huge variety of listings inlcuding news feeds, blogs and other channels, or you can add your own directly. I personally love this new version. I rarely touched many of the extra features Viigo offers (like podcasts and flight info) so having a trimmed down version is fantastic. You can download Viigo News totally free OTA for all devices from

CrackBerry content is of course still available in this new version - it can be found in the main News & RSS section under the CrackBerry banner. If you're looking for the full Viigo experience, the CrackBerry version of Viigo can still be downloaded from

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