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If you aren't a Viigo user - you should be, and if you are a Viigo user - Never has there been a better reason to updgrade! Hot off the cool-software truck is Viigo Edition version 3.0.446. The new version adds the best feature to date - has its own "service" within Viigo. Now you don't have to have all your CrackBerry feeds lumped in among your other news, you can keep it all neatly organized under it's own menu. There are feeds for the blogs, forums and store - and you can always add your own feeds as well. Speaking to Kevin on this, he says this is just the start of the Viigo CrackBerry channel - so expect more bells and whistles to appear here in the months ahead. This is a true piece of software anyone who dares to call them self a CrackBerry Addict needs to have!

Please Note - this update is not available for the Storm just yet (new release is coming your way soon). If you are on any other device, Viigo recommends downloading this update. *