Ever been watching a video clip on your BlackBerry device and wish that you could take a screen shot of the scene to post to Twitter or send to a friend? Previously, this was no easy task and users would have to try and pause the video at the correct point, and then screen shot that after waiting for the on screen information to disappear. Luckily these days are gone as VideoShots allows just this exact functionality with just a single click. Regardless of the media type, if your BlackBerry device will play it, VideoShots will allow you to take a screen shot of the single frame to save and share however you wish. If you love videos, and you love to share memories in everyway possible, this application is a must have for you. Check it out today in the CrackBerry Store for only $2.99.

Contest - We have 50 copies of VideoShots to giveaway!  Simply leave a comment here for your chance to win. Contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. Duplicates will not be counted.

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