In this day and age, our smartphones are not only devices that organize our day and help us communicate with friends but they also document the important events. From capturing images or videos of those special moments, the only thing left to figure out is how to transfer the media to our friends and loved ones.

When it comes to videos, we are all aware of the 16MB limit on transferring files in BBM, as well as the 6MB limit before that. In addition, many service providers also place a limit on the file size of your attachments.

On the Passport there are four different video size options to choose from. However if I were to choose one, let's say 720p at 60fps, the file would still be 35MB for only 23 seconds. How do we solve that problem? One developer has taken it upon himself to code a useful application, aptly titled VideoBasic, which allows users to record video at the frame rate and resolution of your choice. What this does is reduce the file size for easy sharing.

Upon launching the application, your main settings are at the bottom of the screen. From here you can turn the light on/off, switch between the rear and front camera, start recording and access the video settings. This last option is where you would find the options to adjust the frame per second (from 8fps to 30fps) and then the resolution (ranges from 320x240 to 1280x720). If you swipe down from the top, there are additional settings such as setting the location to store recorded video files, limit the recording by time, and limit recording by file size.


  • Both rear and front cameras are supported
  • Configurable frame rate
  • Configurable resolution
  • Light on/off (for rear camera)
  • Recording can be stopped by limiting max video file size or time
  • During recording both progress bars are shown for both recording time and media file size
  • Reply on email with video directly from BlackBerry Hub
  • Integrated Media Player for quick previewing
  • Support system Share action for quick sharing
  • Option to remove recorded file at any point
  • Configurable location of recorded video file (including SD card)
  • Silent recording mode

Another feature that sets it apart is how you can record a video reply to your messages right from the hub. All you have to do is choose the share option from the message and choose Video Reply. This action will launch the application, let you record a video, and then with a press of a button, attach the file to a compose email screen with the proper address.

The Pro version is $1.99 for BlackBerry 10 and there is a free version you can download though it limits you to 7 seconds recording time. VideoBasic gives you more control over your videos and the ability to quickly share them without having to worry about how the size of the file.

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