What?! A non-BlackBerry video unboxing at CrackBerry.com?! Yeah.. that's right. We do have a blog post category here called "Berry-Free Talk" that we post in from time to time and I thought this video would be a good fit for the CB blogs for a couple of reasons: one, we have a TON of members and readers who used to be Palm Treo owners (remember this article?) and two, it seems with the Treo Pro that Palm is taking some aim at the BlackBerry-using customer base. I'm really curious to know everyone's thoughts on the Palm Treo Pro - is it a "sweeet!" or "so what?!" or "thanks but no thanks" or "yawn" or "I'm leaving my BB and going back to Palm" or "Palm should just quit the slow death and die already" or ???????

You can click here for more Palm Treo Pro unboxing images and comparison shots. The Bold makes an appearance in the video above at 7m48s and you can also check out these BlackBerry Bold vs. Treo Pro pics to get a better idea of how the Pro and Bold compare head to head.