So this isn't a good tip. Instead, watch this video for how the PROPER Way To Remove the Battery Door on a BlackBerry Bold 9700.

* Update: OOOoooo... Read the comments to this post. There's an even better way to get the cover off (probably the intended way) but I just didn't know it. Never use phones other than BBs so just didn't now. I'll make a new video tomorrow showing the correct method. It's really easy. My bad. *

So if you watched my BlackBerry Bold 9700 unboxing video, you saw me run into some issues trying to get the battery door off not one, but two BlackBerry Bold 9700s. Since unboxing it, I've spoken to a few people who have 9700s. A couple had the same issues, a couple didn't. So maybe some have the natural technique, or maybe some units are simply a bit tighter with the tolerances than others.

Regardless, if when you buy your BlackBerry Bold 9700 you find the battery door doesn't come off easily, simply follow the instructions in this video. Lie it flat on a table, and push down and slide. It seems to do the trick vs. holding it in the air and squeezing and and twisting and everything else. This method is simple, safe and it works. Not as easy as some battery BlackBerry doors, but the design holds the cover on tight and doesn't show off any sort of hinges or clasps or anything. Very clean and smooth. So no complaints here!

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